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Start your onboarding process with eSquirrel.
With a quiz app tailored to your individual onboarding needs, newcomers can be integrated into your business faster and more efficiently.

This not only saves you tedious training hours, but also consolidates the knowledge of your employees in the long term.

Creating great content together


Screen applicants

Test the knowledge of your applicants in advance and save valuable recruiting time.


Easy onboarding

Make your onboarding process more efficient: Digital and mobile exercises consolidate the knowledge of your new employees in the long term.


Motivating employees to further training

The interactive and playful concept of eSquirrel motivates your employees to further educate themselves.
Trainers benefit from automatic evaluations and clear overview of the learning progress.


 Sales channel for your learning materials

If you wish, you can also distribute learning materials through the eSquirrel app. eSquirrel.PUBLISH

Here’s how it works

eSquirrel für Unternehmen: Beispiel Flughafen

Your Onboarding with eSquirrel

During the onboarding process, the same thing has to be explained over and over again – or there is a handout to read through.
Check with eSquirrel whether or not your new employees read the handout.
What’s more, with eSquirrel you design the onboarding experience as a playful team-building activity.

Individual design with eSquirrel.DELUXE

Let your employees collect suitcases, croissants or flowers instead of acorns: customizable for your instustry. Also customize icons, text and colors: There are no limits to your imagination!

Motivating employees for further training

eSquirrel motivates self-determined learning. As a blended learning platform, eSquirrel is suitable for both face-to-face teaching and digitally supported self-learning phases.


eSquirrel Deluxe für eine Bäckerei

High-quality learning materials on your smartphone

Employees are used to finding answers to questions on their smartphones (e.g. through YouTube videos).

With eSquirrel, your new and existing employees will find high quality learning materials on their smartphones that are tailored to your company and your training needs.
You can document or directly evaluate the progress.

Consolidate the knowledge of your employees through repetition: Who makes it to the epic level?

Content creation

When creating the content for your course we leave you the choice: Either you create your courses with your own authors.
Supervised by our editorial staff and our pedagogical advisory board.
Or we write the course for you.
Our 50 authors with years of teaching experience create high-quality eSquirrel courses tailored to your training needs.

Kundengespräche Bäckerei Audiobeispiel

8 Frageformate

A wide range of features

Your employees learn sustainably and efficiently thanks to the numerous features of eSquirrel.

  • 8 question formats
  • include audio files, explanatory videos and algebra
  • worksheet generator
  • automatic evaluation of the learning progress
  • and a many more

Our partners


In 3 steps to a more successful HR management

You can choose between two options:

We create for you With the help of our more than 50 highly qualified authors, we create your individual mobile-optimized course within a few months. You can also export these courses and use them outside of eSquirrel after the contract ends. Costs:

one time 4 €-20 €* per question

Assistance with self-production If you or your authors/staff want to create the course yourself, you are welcome to do so using our intuitive authoring tool. We support you with our professional editorial team. You can then update or expand the course at any time free of charge. Of course, you can also freely dispose of this course. Costs:

one time 0,50 € per question

*Prices vary depending on the complexity of the question.

The resulting savings in onboarding or training management will usually allow you to cover the investment costs in the first year.

You can choose between three different models.  

With a lead time of 3 months, from the placement of your order the course is ready. It is now available offline in both app stores (Android, iOS) both on smartphones and on tablets after a single download. In addition, a web access is set up.

eSquirrel offers great added value to our school books! Finally something really innovative, what students like to use and which also makes work easier for teachers.

Due to the possibility of using eSquirrel free of charge, I have been using it with my classes as a distance learning tool since mid-March and am thrilled. Even now, in addition to face-to-face classes, I very much appreciate the exercises that are perfectly tailored to the textbook.

I’m a big fan of eSquirrel and have also received a lot of positive feedback from the parents.

Do you want more? 

Individual contract work

We also have certain capacities for contract work in the Edu-Tech area.