Teach with eSquirrel

How to use eSquirrel

To teach with eSquirrel write your own courses based on your learning materials or textbooks. Follow our step-by-step guide in the authors’ tool.

For Austria, Germany and Switzerland we already have over 150 ready-made courses.


In a few steps to digital teaching:

Kurs im Katalog suchen

Search the catalogue

Find a suitable course in our catalogue

Account anlegen

 Create an account and log in 

If you do not have an eSquirrel account yet, create one in our portal. If you are already an eSquirrel user, you can also register in the teachers’ portal.

Klasse anlegen

Create a new class

Now you can create your class automatically or redeem a voucher code.

Instructions – step by step


Write your own courses

You want to teach with your own eSquirrel courses for free based on your own learning materials? Switch to the authors’ tool in the teacher’s portal and create your own course.

Here you will find a short guide on how to create your own course and the writing can begin.

This authoring tool is completely free for you and your students. The features are the same as with our paid courses. The only thing you have to do is create the questions yourself.


Register yourself or create an account

  • On the eSquirrel homepage, click on:
  • If you don’t have an eSquirrel account yet, you can create one in the bottom right corner under “Create Account”.
  • After entering your data, you will receive a confirmation message by e-mail (if you have registered with an e-mail address) or by SMS (if you have registered with your phone number). Click on the link sent to you to complete the registration.
    You can then simply log in with your access data.

Create a new class (via portal)

If you are logged in, you will find the different tools of eSquirrel in the upper left corner of your browser. To teach with eSquirrel you have to create a new class. You can do this in the teachers’ portal.

There you select:

Then select the eSquirrel course you want to use (or create a new one and release it in the authoring tool).
Enter a class name (e.g. 5A 2019/29)
Enter the number of students in the class.
Select the duration of the course.

To test the course for free, select 1 month. You can extend it later (the progress of your students will not be lost).
You can also buy class licenses for a longer period. Pay either with your credit card or PayPal. After entering the payment data you will receive the class code (incl. QR code). If necessary print this code out for your students with the included instructions.

Create a new class (via invoice)

Search in our catalog for your desired course. Select the option “Class license (per invoice)” and enter a duration. Now the price per place (student) for the selected time is displayed. Enter the desired amount of places in your class and select “Order”.
The order is now added to your shopping cartWarenkorb.
When your order is complete, finish the purchase process via the catalog. If you are ordering for more than one class, enter them in the appropriate comment field in the checkout.


Invite students to your class

Once you have created a class, you can easily print out the instructions for your students (click the in the bottom right corner “Print instructions for students”). They will receive a message: “New class successfully created!”.
Alternatively, you can open your eSquirrel class via the teacher’s portal and click on the printer icon under “Management”. This way you can also print and distribute the instructions at any time.


Students can also register on the eSquirrel website and join the class under eSquirrel Student.


Now you can TEACH!

In the teachers’ portal, you can see the registered students and their course progress. You can also:

  • browse through the table of contents
  • lookup answers to all questions (“cheat sheet”)
  • give quests as homework
  • lock/unlock quests
  • view Learning Analytics – evaluations of particularly difficult and simple questions for the whole class (including export to Excel and print)
  • answer questions you students might have
  • create quizzes (including export to Excel and printing)
  • manage the class – view class code, print instructions, remove students, add places (including export to Excel and print)

Do you have any further questions?

If you have technical or content-related questions, please write to us at [email protected]