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Adjusted to Austrian and German textbooks and curricula

With eSquirrel you will save time due to automatic evaluations of homework assignments and exams. The learning analytics will give you a detailed evaluation of your student’s learning progress. Evaluate your worksheets and questions digitally.

*risk-free! No credit card needed

Does it cost anything?

When you use eSquirrel for your self-created contentit is completely free. Our high-quality with editorial supportwill spare you the effort of creating your own questions – this service is fee-based.

Let’s compare it to a textbook: You will only pay for the content of the book, not for pen and paper if you are writing it yourself.

Personal use

Free. If you have created your own course (in the author’s tool), you can use it for free with your students.

Create a “classroom” in the teacher’s-portal with your self-created course and the needed seats. After that you will receive a code for your classroom. Your students can scan this code on their devices and can join the classroom.

Educational license plus

From 0,00 € to 16,00 €. You provide the seats for your students as part of the educational license plus.

Create a classroom in the teacher’s portal with prefabricated courses, such as (german) Genial! Mathematik and the Number of seats for your students. You can pay via the “Unterrichtsmittel eigener Wahl (UeW)” or/and the “Schulbuchaktion“. After that you will receive a code for your classroom. With this course your students will be able to join your classroom by scanning it or putting it in in their eSquirrel app.

You can find all our courses with prices in our catalogue.


From 0,00€ to 21,99€. Your students are buying the wanted course. Such as (german) Genial! Mathematik 1 – within the app. Otherwise they can put in the code, that has been printed in their textbooks.

In the meantime you can create a classroom in the teacher’s portal with the same course, but you put in 0 seats. After that you will receive a code for your classroom. Your students can scan this code on their devices and can join the classroom.

Your students will keep their course forever, but it is slightly more expensivethan buying it via the educational license plus.

How can I test eSquirrel for free and how much will it cost afterwards?

  • You can testany course with an unlimited amount of students 1 month for free. (Not during 15th March to 15th May) You won’t need a special teacher’s account for that. Simply log into the teacher’s portaland create the classroom with the desired seats and let your students join it with a classroom code.
  • The course won’t be automatically renewed. The seats will simply expire. We will contact you in time before that happens.
  • If you consider using eSquirrel further, you will have the opportunity to extend the seats for your classroom to 1, 2 or more years. The price for the first year differs, every other year will cost 1€ less. You will only pay once at the beginning.

How can I pay?

  • You can pay in the teacher’s portal via credit card or PayPal. Afterwards you can collect the money from your students (just like you do for photo copies).
  • You buy on account and transfer the amount (privately or from your schools account) to our account. You will see this option in the teacher’s portal, when you are expanding the seats for you classroom.
  • You can order via “Unterrichtsmittel eigener Wahl (UeW)”.
  • Your students can buy the course themselves directly in the app. This will be a little bit more expensive, but they will keep the license forever and you won’t have any expense with the billing.

Students will need their email address or a phone number to log in. They can also use Facebook login or Google login options. Austrian students will receive afree email adressdue to our cooperation with Microsoft Office 356. They will need to activate the account as well as the email address.

What about privacy policy?

eSquirrel strictly adherances the DSGVO, so that you can use it carefree in your teaching. The app will aks for the written consent of each user, but also his or her parents, if he/she is younger than 14 (or 16, depending on the EU country).

If you need documentation as a teacher, this declaration of consent, which contains the most important issues for your students, can be printed and handed out. This document is not compulsory. By registering, every user allows the collection, processing and use of personal data by eSquirrel or by third party service providers in the name and on behalf of eSquirrel based on the privacy policy. The consent of the user is logged by eSquirrel.

What your colleagues and students say about us:

I have been using eSquirrel with my students since today.
They are totally enthusiastic and motivated and have a lot of fun solving the tasks!
I am also very enthusiastic about the structure and the simple operation of the app.
The app is an absolute asset!
Thank you

Great interest in eSquirrel. I find this particularly unfortunate because we have installed Ipad classes at our school location and at the same time like to work with the book “This is Mathematics”. It would be a huge support for us teachers, who want to teach methodically as broadly as possible, if the OEBV-Verlag would join eSquirrel with the book “Das ist Mathematik” and write this email in the hope that they and their team can do this move.

Notes on various spelling and grammar topics that are included in the language book can be shown again and again before editing the respective chapter and thus prove to be very helpful. The plus part of the e-book covered by the learning app eSquirel thus represents a successful enrichment.

With eSquirrel, I was able to prepare efficiently for the math matriculation. Learning is even fun, especially if you want to be at the forefront of the leaderboard. 🙂

Make your everyday life easier with your first eSquirrel class!

Any questions? Here’s some information on how to teach with eSquirrel. More questions? We are happy to help:[email protected]